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This directory contains MATLAB scripts and .csv data for visualizing the correlation of data with CO2 forcing defined as log2(CO2/280).

Key files are as follows.

clim60.m: The MATLAB script that does the work. Further instructions at top of file.

fig1.jpg, fig2.jpg: The two figures plotted by clim60 using the following data.

Data files: Organized as columns all of the same length. Column 1 is always year. End year is currently 2014 for all data files. Start year can vary between files. All intermediate years must be present.

CO2.csv: Mandatory file with 2 columns. Any source of CO2 data is fine. The one provided here is Law Dome for 1832 to 1960 and the Mauna Loa Keeling curve thereafter.

The remaining files are whatever clim60 calls for, which can be changed by editing clim60 per the instructions in that script. There are three kinds.

1. CLIMATE DATABANKS: These are what is plotted.
Format: column 2 (data) is in anomalies in degrees. (GISTEMP comes in centidegrees so column 2 of GISTEMP.csv is divided by 100.)

The following are provided: HadCRUT4.csv, GISTEMP.csv, BEST.csv.
More are easily added.

Because TSI changes more slowly than with a 60-year period, climate files should be explicitly detrended by it. If included in the directory this will happen automatically.
IMPORTANT: slambda (solar climate sensitivity) can be adjusted in clim60.m.
To prevent detrending by TSI, remove it from the directory or rename it.

3. NON-CLIMATE DATA. These are recognized by clim60 as those whose last datum is greater than 10. Non-climate files not meeting that condition must be rescaled up if they are to be recognized.

Non-climate files that are provided here: SnP500.csv, USpop.csv, LOGpop.csv.
SnP500: Prof. Robert Shiller's reconstruction of S&P500 since 1871.
USpop: US populations in millions. 1790: 3.929, 2014: 320.404
LOGpop: log10(US population)*30. 1790: 197.829, 2014: 255.171

More details of Shiller's reconstruction can be seen at this URL.